Organizing Tips from your Uptown Dallas Apartments

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We’re thrilled to be coming to you from the brand new blog page for your Dallas apartments! Starting now, you can come to this page twice per month to read blogs about everything from local restaurant recommendations to apartment lifestyle advice. Whether you’re trying to find a new date night spot or you need to figure out how to decorate your new place.


In this week’s post, we’ll be talking about some of our favorite organizing tips. Staying organized is one of the best way to keep your apartment looking good at all times, not to mention the fact that an organized apartment is a stress-free apartment. You know the feeling when you walk into a hotel room and everything seems right in the world? That happens because the hotel is clean, organized and tidy. Fortunately, you can recreate that feeling in your place by getting organized!


Let’s get right to the list of tips! Oh, and when you’re done reading through this week’s post, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of Uptown Dallas apartments.


Use the backs of doors


There’s a ton of extra storage space hiding behind the backs of your doors, you just have to buy hooks and hanging shelves. It’s not just the backs of your doors that can be turned into storage space either. The backs of your cabinets are fair game as well. You’ll be able to store lids for pots and pans, herbs and spices or extra towels. Make use of that extra space, residents!


Buy furniture with extra storage space


If you buy furniture with extra storage space, you’ll never have to worry about where you’re going to put your extra blankets, throw pillows and sheets. The most common pieces that come with extra storage are ottomans, certain couches and of course, bed frames with built-in drawers. The more of this kind of furniture you can buy, the less you’ll have to worry about having too much stuff.


Create an entryway


For a lot of people, the entryway is the messiest part of their apartment. When you walk into your entryway, you usually put all your things down. Your shoes get kicked off, your bag comes down off your shoulder and everything comes out of your pockets. We recommend putting a bench, a couple baskets and a tall, narrow shelf in your entryway. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can feel relaxed as soon as you step inside your place.


With that, we’ve hit the end of our first ever blog post! We’d like to take this time to thank you for spending a few minutes with us here on the 27TwentySeven blog page, and we encourage you to check this page again in a couple weeks when the next post goes live! If we’ve done our job this week, you should have a to-do list that can keep you busy all weekend while you get your apartment organized.


We’ll post the next blog on our website in a couple weeks! If you’re interested in reading the next one when it goes up on our website, please be sure to bookmark our blog page so you can enjoy easy access to it when the next post goes live. Until then, you can stay informed about everything happening at your community of apartments by following 27TwentySeven on social media! That’s the fastest, easiest way to ensure you’re always up to date with resident events, special promotions and giveaways happening 27TwentySeven — the luxury apartments Dallas residents choose for contemporary comfort and style.

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